Winter is coming, and we're scrambling to prep for another gruesome couple of months. Preparing your home heating should be one the many priorities. It's the time when all our energy bills will be skyrocketing, and with energy prices on a constant rise don't expect this year to be any better.  Here are five things you'd want to do this winter to save that extra buck.

Clean and maintain the boiler and heating unit during the summer time

A Maintained Boiler Is an Efficient Boiler

However, we find it too easy to forget about this during the summer time. This doesn't mean you should be servicing your boiler but giving it a clean-up every two months or so is a wise move. Just like how you wouldn't leave your car for months at time, a boiler need to be run every once in a while to maintain its efficiency. 

Obliterate Drafts 

Drafts increase the amount of energy required to maintain a temperature in your home, by eliminating them you can significantly reduce your energy bill. We tend only to pay close attention to obvious drafts like under-the-door drafts, however, some are much less obvious, and you’ll need to find them and seal them. Attics, basements and chimneys are among the most common places for drafts, as are windows, and even electrical outlets and lighting fixtures. 

If you want to eliminate drafts entirely from your home, here is a little trick; use a lit candle, if the flame flickers you've found a draft. 

Lowering Temperature at Night

It's not uncommon for people to decrease their home temperature to "save energy" before going to bed. However, this myth is completely incorrect because the next morning the heaters are going to need to work twice as hard to bring back the home to its normal state. To maximize your efficiency reduce the temperature ever so slightly by a degree or two, to maintain most of the heat while reducing energy usage.

Curtain Strategy

First off, if you have the means, necessary install double glazed windows. They provide twice the insulation making it harder for the heat to escape. Now it's common knowledge that natural light contains heat, so keep your curtains open during the day to allow the sun to warm up your home. However, come night time you'd want all curtains drawn closed to create an extra layer for the heat to stay inside.

Buy the Right Heaters

There are two kinds of heaters, convection heaters and radiant heaters. Convection heaters circulate warm air around an enclosed space; they are the best option for heating an entire room for an extended period. They take a lot longer to heat up but turn out to be more efficient. 

Radiant Heaters, on the other hand, are best for a smaller room, where all the people inside will be staying there for a brief period - such as a TV room. They are also great personal heaters to used in offices, or even when you need that extra boost of heat at home. Radiant heaters have also been known to be used outdoors.