Bed Bugs - What Tenants Need to Know

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Though their numbers are dwelling rapidly from the 2011 breakout (According to 80 pest control managers, Montreal had 31,402 infested homes, today there are around 18,619 homes with bed bugs), bedbugs are still the most important issue at hand for tenants and landlords. The city of Montreal continues to run awareness campaigns with advice on how to get rid of bed bugs from spreading. The best advice you can get is to avoid picking up clothes or furniture from the curb, when moving inspect nooks and crannies for bed bugs. Come moving day, clothing, bedding and curtains should be placed and sealed in plastic bags. 

Though the situation seems to stabilizing, here are few you must know:

Tenant's Responsibilities

  • Determine that your home is not infected before a move, it'll be far less simpler to deal with when there aren't any furniture around.
  • If you suspect anything, act fast, cover your mattress with a plastic cover and throw your sheets in the wash, and clean them with warm water. Check to make sure your clothes are not affected, if so give them a spin as well, pack them in plastic bags, and store them on hard ground. If you are staying at an apartment, warn your neighbors so they can also take necessary measures.
  • If you have the means try to stay somewhere else, at a friend's or a hotel.
  • Don't solve the problem yourself, this is a professionals task.
  • Many have gone as far as not paying rent or randomly reduced their rates, this can cause problems for you in the future. The tenant must oblige to commitments and work with the landlord to solve the issue at hand.
  • Clean-up the clutter, by doing this you're limiting the spread. 
  • Follow your exterminators instructions, they know best, and they'll tell you not to use an over the counter insecticides. They don't work on bed bugs, and you'll only be spraying poison around your house that may harm your child's health. 
  • Ask your exterminator about any procedures that may need to take place after fumigation. Moreover, question them over how to avoid future breakouts

Remember a successful treatment depends on the cooperation between you, your landlord and the exterminator.


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    Though their numbers are dwelling rapidly from the 2011 breakout (According to 80 pest control managers, Montreal had 31,402 infested Read More
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