Moving is considered one of life's top three most stressful events. According to the Canadian Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC), over 50% of the rental housing market in the Greater Montreal area consists of people living alone. The origins of Moving Day can be traced back to the province's French colonial heritage - in 17th and 18th century Quebec, there was a fixed date of May 1st for all legal agreements and it was not until the 1970s that Quebec abolished this law for housing leases and moved all house leases to the 1st of July. Since 1973, Moving Day is no longer a law, but a cultural tradition here in Quebec. According to the landlord group Corporation des Propriétaires Immobiliers du Québec. (CORPIQ), approximately 80% of leases in the province end on June 30th.

With snow and ice on the horizon, it's important to prepare your building for the winter season. Montreal winters can be severe and require specific maintenance requirements, so the best way to organize your building for winter is to use protective methods. At Immeubles Centraux, we always take a preventative approach to prepare your building for winter. We ensure that Montreal building owners have their investments protected through proper and practical preparations for winter conditions.

Keeping this in mind, we have 5 top tips to prepare your building for the upcoming winter season. Of course, not all buildings are precisely the same - needs can change according to age, size, location, and other factors. However, the same principles will apply to most buildings. Here is what we recommend:

It is essential to promote a balanced view and a fair representation of the rental markets in Montreal. Unfortunately, news media outlets have recently been disseminating fake news via pro-tenant organizations giving the impression that rental prices are incredibly high. The reality is that there is no crisis of affordable housing in Montreal - if we take a global perspective, Montreal is one of the most affordable cities to rent in the world. With rising real estate prices and rental rates in this Covid-19 pandemic, here is what Montreal landlords need to know about in one of Canada's largest rental markets.

Investing in a residential rental property is a lucrative way to increase your wealth through passive income. However, it can be challenging. Today's robust condo real estate market is creating a challenge for residential rental property owners. All major cities across Canada are experiencing a change in the residential landscape as condo developments are being built closer to public transit hubs and right next door to all the attractive modern amenities people want. As well, the Canadian population is increasing in age - as seniors downsize and vacate their homes, this demographic is shifting and generating new demands in the market. As a result, the residential rental needs in Montreal create challenges for landlords. Our custom services provide cost-effective management and professional renovation services, which play a significant role in all aspects of our property management services in the greater Montreal area.